Sell your boat - Cash

Sell your boat - Cash

If you cannot wait to sell your boat on Brokerage or Brokerstock then cash is the quickest option available to you. We buy many boats per month regardless of their value. We are one of the UK's biggest buyers of preowned boats because we make it very simple, very quick and very easy.

How Much Do I get?

Typically, we pay between 70- 75% of the boats retail value, but for certain models at certain times of the year we can pay more.

What do I have to do? 

  1. Give us a call
  2. Fill in the form below and wait for our reply

And then we will:

  1. Contact you with an approximate valuation of the retail price and this therefore gives you an approximate trade purchase price. 
  2. If you want to accept- we will then ask you to scan us copies of your title documents (Builders certificate, VAT invoice, Bills of Sale, Registration document and details of any loans on her)
  3. We will then email you a firm offer with our terms and conditions (our terms are very simple- we need to inspect the boat and check the engines etc.). We will also confirm the time scale for completion (normally within 7 working days).
  4. We will then inspect your boat, send you your funds (and settle any loans directly on the boat) and collect the vessel.
  5. You can then cancel your finance, insurance, berthing, cleaning, servicing etc.

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