advice about selling your boat through TBS Boats

Sell your boat with us

We've put together some useful advice about selling your boat through TBS Boats. Take a look through the process and if you have any questions or would like to contact us with regards to the sale of your boat, please use the Quick Enquiry Form

Selling your boat with TBS Brokerstock

Most popular
Quick anticipated selling time
70-80% Potential return

  • Boat is advertised as stock with part exchange and warranty
  • We agree a net return price to you in advance
  • Retail price is set by TBS Boats
  • You own the boat until sale agreed
  • You know the exact return on your boat
  • Sells quicker than traditional brokerage because:
  • 70% of customers will have a part exchange, which TBS can underwrite. This will increase the audience of interested parties
  • We can offer finance on your boat
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Selling your boat with TBS Brokerage

2nd most popular
Slowest anticipated selling time
70-85% Potential return

  • We advertise your boat
  • All negotiations are handled by TBS Boats acting as your broker
  • We charge you a commission on the eventual selling price
  • Potential highest return
  • Fixed commission rate
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Selling your boat with TBS cash

Least popular
Quickest anticipated selling time
70-75% Potential return

  • We buy your boat for cash
  • We can pay withing 7 days
  • No waiting
  • No hassle
  • No bother
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