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The F430 is a genuine Sealine, crowned by an exciting flybridge. Reigning over the characteristic and unique large-format panoramic windows is a viewing platform that satisfies your every desire. This is complemented by high-speed performance which ensures that you can quickly leave the hectic behind the horizon.

Designing boats like everyone else is easy. Making waves takes a far more individual approach. From the stylish S330 and C330 to the brand new C530 and C430 sports cruisers and the brand new F530 revolutionising flybridge design. With their innovative use of space to new heights, Sealine design and build boats like no other. They blend the very best of modern design with a unique use of space and light. Crisp, linear lines, freshness and unrivalled connectivity create stylish, comfortable sanctuaries. With every aspect of the design having a reason so that nothing is superfluous.

Sealine has always been about creating perfect, sociable experiences on water aboard distinctive but safe, seaworthy craft.

Sealine Boats Range

Sealine C330

      Sealine C330        MBY C330 test        Winner of ‘Best Sports Cruiser under 45ft’ at the Motor Boat Awards 2016 Sealine is ...

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Sealine C430

  Sealine C430 Nominated for an 2018 Motor Boat Award – Sports Cruisers up to 45ft OPEN YOUR EYES TO SEA EXCELLENCE The new Sealine C430 is a dynamic and...

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Sealine C530

     Sealine C530 THE SPORTY CABRIO FOR THE SEA – THE SEALINE C530 With the Sealine C530 the HanseGroup is taking a new course in motoryacht constr...

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Sealine F430

  BRAND NEW MODEL – MAGNETISE YOUR MIND – INTRODUCING THE NEW SEALINE F430 The new Sealine F430 is a genuine Sealine, crowned by an exciting fl...

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Sealine F530

  LET YOUR BOAT ENLARGE YOUR LIFE – THE SEALINE F530 This summer promises to be more exciting than you ever thought possible!       F530 video     ...

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Sealine S330

           Sealine S330               MBY S330 Test Review  Winner of ‘Best Sports Cruiser under 45ft’ at the Motor Boat Awards 201...

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