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Quicksilver Boats

Quicksilver Boats

The Quicksilver range has always perfectly blended fun and style with practicality and safety.

The evolving direction of the Quicksilver range now builds on this strength with collaborations between highly experienced designers, engineers and naval architects from the Brunswick Group, a leading force in the boating world. A strong partnership that has led to an even greater line-up of boats with true integrity and depth.

Quicksilver promises a world of style and innovative use of space made possible by the best in class length to beam ratio which also increases stability. A confidence further heightened by the deep V hull design creating a form that cuts through water efficiently and comfortably. A direct result of one of the most experienced naval architects in the industry being part of the team behind Quicksilver.

There is something to suit everyone from fishing boats to family cruisers and sizes ranging from 4.12m (13’ 6”) to 8.88m (29’ 2”).

Quicksilver Boats Range

Activ 455 Cabin

With its sleek, up-to-the-minute styling, improved safety and more space than ever, the Activ 455 Cabin offers water and boating enthusiasts the perfect boat to...

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Activ 455 Open

The Activ 455 Open combines all the ingredients for safe cruising in an ultra-modern, versatile and ergonomic package. Step aboard with family and friends and c...

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Activ 505 Cabin

The new Activ 505 Cabin offers one of the best all-round boating and navigation experiences in its class, integrating a stylish new design and packed with impro...

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Activ 505 Open

  The Activ 505 Open combines form and function in equal measures. Sporty styling, outstanding features and great value set it apart. Make the most of the ...

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Activ 555 Cabin

Whether you’re a seasoned lover of the cruising lifestyle or you’re just getting into it, the Activ 555 Cabin offers everything you’re looking for in a pe...

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Activ 555 Open

On the Activ 555 Open you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of being on the water with complete ease knowing that this is a versatile, solidly designed boat wit...

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Activ 595 Cruiser

This compact day cruiser will appeal to those wanting to enjoy reliability, performance and style. Its intelligent design features maximize the space available,...

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Activ 605 Open

Pleasure seekers won’t hesitate to take to the water in the Activ 605 Open. Opportunities to have fun abound and it’s the ideal choice for light fishing, wa...

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Activ 605 Sundeck

The Activ 605 Sundeck easily lives up to its name. Take to the water for unadulterated fun in the sun for up to seven people. It strikes the perfect balance bet...

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Activ 645 Cruiser

  The ease of access through bow and stern; the well thought-out cockpit; the seamless integration of the features. The Activ 645 Cruiser allows intelligen...

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Activ 675 Open

Open up to a world of escape and fun. With clever use of space and a well thought out layout plus on-board comfort surrounding you, this is a boat that switches...

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Activ 675 Sundeck

This is a boat created for really enjoying fun on the water. From the generous sundeck for stretching out in comfort and soaking up the rays. Get out there and ...

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Activ 755 Open

Sleek, powerful and very versatile, the new Activ 755 Open offers a whole new level of performance and safety, providing one of the coolest rides in the 7 meter...

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Activ 755 Sundeck

The perfect combination of performance, comfort and versatility in the 7m+ boat segment, Quicksilver’s new Activ 755 Sundeck is designed with sun, relaxation ...

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Activ 755 Weekend

The sporty, spacious and very individual Activ 755 Weekend is a boat that’s made for being on the water and makes every voyage an adventure. With room for...

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Activ 805 Cruiser

Designed with attention to detail, the new Activ 805 Cruiser is our flagship model for day cruising. Refinement, power, safety and comfort are the key values yo...

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Activ 805 Open

Head for the water with friends and family in complete safety and security with Quicksilver’s new Activ 805 Open. The perfect boat for fun, water sports, rela...

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Activ 805 Profish

As its name suggests, the Activ 805 Pro Fish is all you’d expect – and more – fast and stylish and above all a great sport fishing boat. It offers a great...

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Activ 805 Sundeck

  If you’re looking for the perfect combination of performance and comfort in the 7-8 meter range, then look no further than Quicksilver’s Activ 805 Su...

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Activ 855 Weekend

The Activ 855 Weekend is our largest, most elegant model yet, built on the cornerstones of safety, comfort, style and power. Suited for 10 persons you can take ...

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Captur 280 Arvor

  In the world of Arvor practicality is never dull. We’ve used all our extensive experience to give you the perfect all round boat for fishing in the...

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Captur 555 Pilothouse

If you like to make the most of what life has to offer, here’s a great introduction to life afloat. Covering all the essential features a keen weekend angler ...

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Captur 605 Pilothouse

Are you passionate about fishing? Our 605 Pilothouse provides real value. The 115 horsepower engine and larger than average cockpit make it easy to get to the f...

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Captur 675 Pilothouse

Are you looking for great performance at an attractive price? The 675 Pilothouse contains an intelligently designed cockpit for comfort, coupled with class-lead...

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Captur 690 Arvor

For people who are serious about enjoying their fishing, the new 690 Arvor promises an experience that has never been better. Combining the well-known values of...

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Captur 730 Arvor

For those who love their fishing, but also want to have fun, the new 730 Arvor promises an experience that has never been better. Combining the secure, seamanli...

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Captur 755 Pilothouse

A fishing trip is never going to be a rough and ready affair in this addition to the Pilothouse range. Combining the best fishing equipment package with a full ...

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Captur 810 Arvor

For fishing enthusiasts looking for tradition mixed with performance and up-to-the minute comfort, the 810 Arvor is the perfect answer. Robust and practical, th...

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Captur 905 Pilothouse

The days you had to choose between comfort and performance, between fishing and cruising are gone. With the 905 Pilothouse you can have both! Designed without c...

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Quicksilver Activ

Quicksilver Activ Range

The moment you look at a Quicksilver Activ you know that it’s designed for pure fun.

Quicksilver Activ promises a world of style and innovative use of space made possible by the best in class length to beam ratio which also increases stability. Everything underpinned by safety, comfort and versatility, so you can fish, water ski or just soak up the sun with complete peace of mind. And with ease.

So you can see, we take fun very seriously. Welcome to style and substance. This is Quicksilver Activ.

Quicksilver Captur

Quicksilver Captur Range

Captur gives you the freedom of the water, the freedom to fish and the freedom to be spontaneous. Perfect for friends and serious fishermen – they offer everything you could need and more.

From day trippers to overnighters, these boats let you seek out life rather just let it happen – to enjoy life to the [email protected] carefree and worry-free. Boats with all the power , comfort and practicality to get you out there. Life is more fun when you remove the obstacles. Life is for living: For remembering.

It’s a journey – Seize the moment