The Primeur 700 Lounge is unique in its kind. A real upgrade of the Primeur 700 tender and the Primeur 700 sloop. The boat still has the same fast-sailing underwater ship, size and layout. The only difference is the back. At the tender, he walks sportily at an angle. And with the sloop, the back runs straight. But with the Primeur 700 Lounge, it can be converted into a fantastic large sundeck. That looks like optimal luxury. And it therefore has a little more seat in the back. Boarding this tender is easy on the sides.
The Primeur 700 Lounge is exceptionally stable. And stay the course. So you can sit behind the wheel super relaxed. And you don't have to weigh your friends first to distribute them evenly across boat. Everyone can just sit wherever they want. The boat will not hang to one side if more weight has settled on one side than on the other.





  • Overall length: 6.95 m 
  • Overall beam: 2.55 m
  • Bridge clearance: 1.20 m
  • Boat weight without engine: 1300 kg
  • Engine power options: 27hp- 110hp
  • Maximum speed: Approx. 50 km/h
  • Draft: 0.55 m
  • Maximum number of people: 8
  • CE category: C

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