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FND Hope UK - Bray

TBS Boats Bray have decided to support the charity FND Hope UK in 2019.

We sponsor a 16 year old junior GB kayaker, Georgia, she has had quite a journey with the disorder following two accidents at school which caused concussion leading to FND, Functional Neurological Disorder.

FND is when the nervous system doesn't send and receive signals properly. Anyone can get it and it's more common than you think but most have never heard of it, including many hospitals and A&E departments. 

It can leave the patient unable to stand, walk, swallow, speak, affects your balance and can cause long spells of complete dizziness. It can be caused by physical trauma, illness or psychological trauma.

We know that raising awareness of this condition would help many, it's on the rise, seems to affect mainly females and there are cases of other young athletes being diagnosed after injury or illness.

FND Hope UK is a charity set up to raise awareness of the condition and to provide a support network for those diagnosed, diagnosis often takes months and there are very few rehabilitation services available in the NHS or privately, particularly if under 18 years old.  

We'd like to help during 2019.

Read more about FND Hope UK on their website.

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