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Dreamflight 2019 - Only 2 days to go!

2  DAYS TO GO...

Not long now until they begin the 211 mile ride to Disneyland Paris in aid of Dreamflight

They start the challenge at 8 a.m. with a first day of 72.5 miles. Day 2 challenges us to 76.5 miles and the biggest/longest climbs. Day 3 see's us arriving at Disneyland Paris after completing the final 62.5 miles.

They are a group of (mostly) middle aged chaps from down the pub (and even abroad) that were touched by the work the Dreamflight Charity does for Children with Disabilities. Having taken our own children to Disneyland Orlando we know what a magical experience it is and decided we wanted to help DreamFlight raise the £1 million they need annually to take 192 children, 5 tonnes of medical equipment and supplies and a small army of Consultants Specialist, Doctors, Nurses and 110 volunteer helpers to Florida for 10 parent free days of fun and excitement. ?Your donations help give a Very Important Child the holiday of a lifetime, and encourage us to keep training for the 210 miles 3 day cycle ride from opposite Thorpe Park to Disneyland Paris. Each of the cyclist is financing their costs personally and our sponsors have covered the cost of the support crew so your money goes to support these children who may never be able to have the experience with you.

Their journey will be documented through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. 

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